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Westinghouse D Dynamo Alkaline Soft Plastic Pack of 6

Westinghouse D Dynamo Alkaline Soft Plastic Pack of 6

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The Westinghouse D Dynamo Alkaline Plastic Pack of 6 is an ideal solution for powering high-drain devices that require a reliable and long-lasting energy source. These D-sized alkaline batteries are designed to deliver stable current, making them perfect for devices such as CD players, toys, PDAs, and electronic gaming devices.

Replaces: LR20, Duracell MN1300, R20, R20P, LR20, LR20A, AM-1, AM1, HP11, Kodak KD, K4A, Toshiba LR20N, NEDA 13A, 13AC, Rayovac 6D, 813, Varta 4020, 3020, D, Panasonic AM2, Energizer Ever Ready E95, MONO, Leclanche 1009, SUM1, BA3030/U


  • Model: LR20
  • Size: D
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Diameter: 1.346 inches (34.2mm)
  • Height: 2.421 inches (61.5mm)
  • Chemistry: Alkaline

With this pack of six, you can ensure that your high-drain devices receive the power they need to perform at their best. These batteries are a reliable choice to keep your devices running smoothly. Whether you need them for work or play, Westinghouse Dynamo D Alkaline batteries provide the stability and longevity required for your electronic devices.

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