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Flipo Westinghouse Bike Taillight 3 Lighting Mode Laser Lighting

Flipo Westinghouse Bike Taillight 3 Lighting Mode Laser Lighting

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Cycling safety is paramount, and the Westinghouse Bike Taillight is here to provide you and your family with a reliable, highly visible solution for oncoming traffic. With three super-bright LEDs and two laser launchers, this taillight significantly enhances your visibility to cars approaching from behind. Here's what you can expect from this excellent bike accessory:

Key Features:

  • Super Bright LEDs: The Westinghouse Bike Taillight features three super-bright LED lights that ensure you are clearly visible to drivers behind you, improving safety during your cycling adventures.
  • Laser Lighting: In addition to the LEDs, this taillight is equipped with two laser launchers, which project laser patterns on the road, further increasing your visibility and ensuring motorists are aware of your presence.
  • Three Lighting Modes: You have the flexibility to choose from three different lighting modes based on your specific needs. These modes include constant, flashing, and strobe/laser. Select the one that suits your visibility requirements and riding conditions.
  • Long Operating Time: With an impressive 30 hours of constant operating time, you won't have to worry about frequent battery replacements. The Westinghouse Bike Taillight is designed for long-lasting use, and it's energy-efficient to help save on battery power.
  • Adjustable Angle: The taillight is designed with an adjustable angle, allowing you to position it in the way that best suits your bicycle and provides optimal visibility to drivers behind you.
  • Power Source: The Westinghouse Bike Taillight runs on two AAA batteries, which are included in the package. These batteries are readily available, ensuring that you can keep your taillight powered without any hassle.

Enhance your cycling safety and make sure you and your family are visible to oncoming traffic with the Westinghouse 3 LED bike taillight. Its combination of super-bright LEDs, laser lighting, multiple lighting modes, and long operating time will keep you safe during your rides. Don't compromise on safety; get your Westinghouse Bike Taillight today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enhanced visibility.

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