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Westinghouse 9V Super Heavy Duty Battery

Westinghouse 9V Super Heavy Duty Battery

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Westinghouse Zinc Carbon Batteries are the ideal solution for small household electronic devices that demand a continuous power supply. From clocks and flashlights to remote controls and transistor radios, these batteries keep your devices running smoothly. They are designed with raw materials like manganese dioxide and zinc/ammonium chloride to create a leak-proof structure, ensuring reliability, versatility, and cost savings.


  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Chemistry: Zinc-Chloride
  • Type: 9V

Upgrade to Westinghouse 9V Super Heavy Duty Blister Single Pack batteries for your small household electronic devices and enjoy reliable, long-lasting power that keeps your devices running. With a focus on leakage-proof design and longevity, Westinghouse ensures that you have a dependable power source that's perfect for everyday use. Choose Westinghouse for all your battery needs.

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