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NOCO NLP30 Size 30 Lithium Powersport Battery

NOCO NLP30 Size 30 Lithium Powersport Battery

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NOCO Lithium - the ultimate evolution in battery technology, surpassing lead-acid batteries in every aspect. With no sulfation and no need for activation, acid, maintenance, or water, this advanced battery comes fully charged and ready to install.

Replaces: BTX30L, BTX30L-BS, EXT30L, GYZ32HL, YIX30L, and YIX30L-BS.

Experience Insane Performance, delivering an impressive 700 amps of starting power, over 50,000 starts, and more than 2,000 charge cycles. Simply put, it provides 2X more power, 10X more starts, and an incredible 5X longer life compared to traditional lead-acid rivals.

Empowered by a Dynamic Battery Management System (BMS), NOCO Lithium ensures maximum safety with bi-directional active cell balancing, contributing to long-lasting reliability. Plus, there's no need for a BMS reset, offering hassle-free operation.

Superfast Charging is a standout feature, allowing you to unleash the power of lithium and recharge within minutes. Utilizing cutting-edge rapid-charge technology, it provides substantial starting power with just 5 minutes of charging.

Universal compatibility is a key advantage, thanks to a multi-terminal configuration that allows front, side, top, and female installations. The modular trays cater to various group sizes, and a removable mounting block accommodates legacy battery applications.

NOCO Lithium is Compatible with a wide range of powersports brands, including Aprilla, BMW, Buell, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Triumph, KTM, Argo, Can-Am, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Arctic Cat, BRP, Waverunner, Polaris, Vespa, and more. From motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, PWCs, quads, 4 wheelers, jet skis, and waverunners to scooters, riding lawn mowers, generators, and beyond, this lithium battery ensures exceptional performance. Elevate your ride with the unparalleled power and reliability of NOCO Lithium - setting a new standard in battery performance.

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