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NOCO Genius 1 - 1 Amp 6V and 12V Smart Charger

NOCO Genius 1 - 1 Amp 6V and 12V Smart Charger

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The GENIUS1, a cutting-edge, high-performance, and exceptionally efficient portable universal battery charger. Unleash the power of this compact device, designed for versatility and reliability in charging and maintaining 6-volt and 12-volt heavy-duty batteries. With a 1-amp (15-watt) output, it operates seamlessly on 100-240VAC 50-60Hz power supply.

This powerhouse serves as a battery charger, maintainer, trickle charger, float charger, and battery desulfator, catering to batteries with up to 30 amp-hours. Ideal for sealed lead-acid and lithium-ion (lifepo4) batteries, including flooded, gel, maintenance-free, AGM, SLA, VRLA, and various automotive, marine, RV, powersports, and deep-cycle batteries.

Revolutionize battery maintenance with the advanced battery repair regenerator mode. Featuring slow pulse reconditioner technology, it automatically detects sulfation and acid stratification, restoring lost battery performance for prolonged life. The GENIUS1 boasts a next-generation charging regime, utilizing fast-charging microprocessor technology for rapid and efficient recharging without manual intervention.

This intelligent battery charger offers worry-free operation with zero overcharge, suitable for both professional and commercial use. Whether indoors or outdoors, it provides weatherproof and waterproof protection throughout the year, including winter. The X-Connect battery connectors, superior to SAE, enable quick and permanent connections or direct attachment to battery terminals.

Stay informed with the digital display, providing charging status and diagnostic tests for conditions like a dead battery, reverse polarity, and more. Compatible with all gas and diesel vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to boats and RVs, the GENIUS1 ensures optimal performance for a wide range of applications. Charge with confidence, anywhere, anytime, and experience the ultimate in battery care technology.

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