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Genesis Motion Sensing COB LED Illuminated Key Holder

Genesis Motion Sensing COB LED Illuminated Key Holder

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The Genesis is the perfect solution for those who frequently misplace their keys and need an added touch of convenience. This innovative product combines a key holder with an integrated detachable COB light, providing you with enhanced organization and lighting. Here are some of its key features:

Key Features:

  • Versatile Key Holder: The Genesis includes four separate hooks designed to hang keychains, dog leashes, or other small items you often search for when leaving the house. Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting for your essentials.
  • Detachable LED Light Bar: Positioned above the hooks, the Genesis features a 50 Lumen LED light bar. This light bar has a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor that automatically detects motion in low-light conditions, making it perfect for illuminating your path when you approach.
  • Manual Activation: The detachable light bar can also be used as a flashlight in emergency situations. When detached from the bracket, you can manually activate it, providing a reliable source of light for various tasks.
  • Dual Mounting Options: The Genesis can be mounted on a wall or any flat vertical surface, ensuring that your keys and other small items are easily accessible and well-organized.
  • Color Options: It's available in two stylish finishes: silver and woodgrain. Choose the one that best complements your decor and personal style.
  • Includes Mounting Hardware: The Genesis comes with the necessary mounting hardware to facilitate easy and secure installation.
  • Battery Powered: The Genesis operates on three AAA batteries (not included). It's energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

The Genesis Motion Sensing COB LED Illuminated Key Holder is a versatile and functional addition to your home, providing an organized solution for your keys and other small items while offering motion-activated illumination. Say goodbye to the frustration of misplaced keys and step into the world of convenient, well-lit entryways. Get your Genesis today and experience hassle-free organization and enhanced visibility!

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