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Exell Battery

Exell A221/505A Alkaline Battery

Exell A221/505A Alkaline Battery

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The Exell A221/505A Alkaline Battery is a high-voltage alkaline battery designed for specialty electronics.

Replaces: 15F15, 15LR54, 221, 221A, 333/U, 505, 505A, 505E/B, 75, A221, A505, B155, BA333U, BL-MV15, BLR155, DRY1715, E505, EV505, M505, MV15E, NR75, VS705, W15, and Y-15.


  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Voltage: 22.5V
  • Capacity: 60mAh
  • Length: 50.6mm
  • Diameter: 14.3mm

The A221/505A battery is known for its impressive 22.5 volts of power, making it suitable for devices that require a high voltage source. It is a less common battery size and is used in applications like AVO meters and flash units for professional photography.

With its high voltage and reliability, the Exell A221/505A battery is a dependable choice for specialty electronics that require a substantial power source.

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