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Camelion T20 COB LED Flashlight

Camelion T20 COB LED Flashlight

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The Camelion T20 COB LED Flashlight is a compact and powerful lighting tool that operates on 3 AAA size batteries. Here are the features and specifications of the Camelion T20:

Main Features:

  • Super Bright White Light: The flashlight is equipped with a high-quality COB (Chip-on-Board) LED bulb that provides a bright white light with a lumen output of up to 80 Lumens. This ensures excellent visibility and illumination in various situations.
  • Long Lifespan COB: The COB LED is known for its energy efficiency and durability, ensuring a long lifespan for the flashlight. You won't need to worry about frequently replacing bulbs.
  • Aluminum Alloy Body: The flashlight features an aluminum alloy body that not only gives it a stylish appearance but also provides practical benefits. It is both water-resistant with an IP44 rating, suitable for use in damp conditions, and shock-resistant, ensuring it can withstand rough handling and conditions. The flashlight is also designed to be anti-scratch and anti-corrosion, further enhancing its durability.


  • Battery Type: The Camelion T20 operates using 3 AAA alkaline batteries. AAA batteries are widely available and easy to replace.
  • Lighting Source: The flashlight uses a 1W COB LED as its light source.
  • Lighting Mode: The flashlight offers a simple On/Off lighting mode, making it easy to use.
  • Luminous Flux: The flashlight provides a lumen output of up to 80 Lumens, delivering a bright and efficient white light.
  • Relative Color Temperature (CCT): The color temperature of the light is in the range of 7500-8500K, which is in the cool white spectrum.
  • Continuous Operating Time: The flashlight offers a continuous operating time of approximately 3.5 hours, ensuring you have ample usage before needing to replace the batteries.
  • Beam Distance: The flashlight is capable of illuminating distances of up to 50 meters, making it suitable for various tasks and activities.
  • Material: The flashlight features an aluminum alloy construction, which provides durability and resistance to water, shock, scratches, and corrosion.

The Camelion T20 COB LED Flashlight is a versatile and dependable lighting tool designed for various applications. Its super-bright COB LED, aluminum alloy body, and water-resistant and shock-resistant design make it a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor activities. With a long continuous operating time, it's well-suited for tasks that require reliable and efficient lighting. Whether for travel or home use, this flashlight is designed to meet your illumination needs.

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