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Camelion S86 Dual Mode Lantern

Camelion S86 Dual Mode Lantern

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The Camelion S86 LED Dual Mode Lantern is a versatile and efficient lighting solution, ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities and emergency preparedness. Here are the key features and specifications of this lantern:


  • Two Light Settings: The lantern offers two distinct lighting modes:
    1. Bright White LED Light: This mode is suitable for illuminating a large area, providing ample visibility.
    2. Flame Effect Light: This mode replicates the warm, flickering glow of a torch, creating a cozy and atmospheric ambiance.
  • Pull Switch: To switch between the two light settings, you simply need to pull the top of the lantern up or down. This user-friendly design makes it easy to transition from one mode to the other.
  • Long Lifespan: The lantern is equipped with energy-efficient LED lights, which not only provide ample illumination but also have a long operational life. LED lights are known for their durability and typically do not require frequent replacements.
  • Economical: The Camelion S86 Lantern is powered by widely available AA batteries, which are included with the product. This makes it convenient and cost-effective, ensuring that you have a readily available power source.
  • Dual-Use Metal Handles: The lantern features metal handles that serve a dual purpose. You can use these handles to carry the lantern wherever you go. Additionally, they are designed for hanging the lantern, providing hands-free illumination when needed.
  • IPX4: This lantern is rated as IPX4, indicating that it offers protection against splashing water from any direction. This level of water resistance ensures its durability and functionality in various outdoor conditions.


  • Power Source: The Camelion S86 Lantern requires 3 AA batteries, which are included with the product. AA batteries are a widely available and easy-to-replace power source.
  • Light Modes: The lantern features two lighting modes:
    • White Light: This mode delivers a brightness of 120 lumens and has a run time of approximately 10 hours.
    • Flame Effect: This mode replicates a torch's flame, providing a cozy atmosphere with a brightness of 30 lumens. It has an extended run time of about 24 hours.
  • Item Dimensions: The lantern's dimensions are approximately 4.9 inches in height, 3.19 inches in width, and 3.4 inches in depth.

The Camelion S86 LED Dual Mode Lantern is a versatile and practical lighting solution for various outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Its user-friendly design, dual lighting modes, long-lasting LED lights, and water resistance make it a valuable addition to your outdoor gear. Whether you need a bright and wide illumination or prefer a cozy torch-like flame effect, this lantern has you covered. Additionally, it can be easily transported or hung as needed. With the included AA batteries and long run times, you can rely on this lantern for extended periods without worrying about frequent battery changes. This lantern is designed to enhance your outdoor experiences and can also make a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

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