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Camelion Overnight AA, AAA & 9V Charger

Camelion Overnight AA, AAA & 9V Charger

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The Camelion Overnight Charger is designed to recharge AA, AAA, and 9V Ni-MH batteries. Here are the key specifications and features:


  • Input: 230V ~ 50 Hz
  • Output:
    • 2x (DC 2.8V, 160mA) for AA Size
    • 2x (DC 2.8V, 80mA) for AAA Size
    • 2x (DC 9V, 25mA) for 9V Size

Charging Times (approximate):

  • AA Ni-MH 2000mAh: 17 Hours
  • AA Ni-MH 1500mAh: 13 Hours
  • AAA Ni-MH 800mAh: 14 Hours
  • 9V Ni-MH 200mAh: 9.5 Hours

Key Features:

  • Can charge 2x or 4x AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries or 1-2x 9V Ni-MH batteries simultaneously.
  • Two independent charging channels for flexibility.
  • Low charge current designed for longer battery life.
  • Reverse polarity protection to prevent incorrect battery insertion.
  • Two LED indicators to show the charging status.

This charger is suitable for users who prefer overnight charging for their Ni-MH batteries. It provides a safe and reliable way to recharge your batteries, with appropriate charging currents to ensure optimal performance and battery life. It's compatible with both AA and AAA sizes as well as 9V batteries. The LED indicators make it easy to monitor the charging progress.

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