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Camelion LED Tap Light

Camelion LED Tap Light

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The Camelion LED Tap Light is your versatile solution for lighting up any space where traditional electrical lighting isn't an option. With its convenient tap on/off operation and an array of features, this light is perfect for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Easy Tap On/Off: The Camelion Tap Light is incredibly easy to use. Simply tap to turn it on and off, providing effortless operation for users of all ages.
  • Vibrant Colors: This tap light comes in four eye-catching and bright colors, adding a touch of style to any room or space where it's used.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether it's a bedroom, closet, cabinet, drawer, or any spot in need of illumination, this tap light is there to light up your life.


  • 100 Hours Continuous Operation: With an impressive 100 hours of continuous operation, you won't have to worry about frequent battery replacements.
  • 5 Lumen LED Light: The 5 lumen LED emits a soft and efficient light that's perfect for creating a cozy ambiance or providing practical lighting in small spaces.
  • Easy Installation: Installing this tap light is a breeze, and it comes with three AAA batteries included, ensuring you have everything you need.
  • Multi-Color Display: Enjoy the added fun of multi-color options to match your decor or mood.

The Camelion LED Tap Light is your go-to solution when you need light in unconventional places. It offers extended usage, ease of installation, and a touch of style with its vibrant colors. Illuminate your space with a simple tap!

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