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Camelion D Plus Alkaline Pack of 2

Camelion D Plus Alkaline Pack of 2

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Camelion D Alkaline Plus batteries are your reliable source of power for high drain devices. Whether it's CD players, toys, PDAs, or electronic gaming devices, these batteries are designed to deliver stable and long-lasting current, ensuring your devices perform at their best.

Replaces: LR20, Duracell MN1300, R20, R20P, LR20, LR20A, AM-1, AM1, HP11, Kodak KD, K4A, Toshiba LR20N, NEDA 13A, 13AC, Rayovac 6D, 813, Varta 4020, 3020, D, Panasonic AM2, Energizer Ever Ready E95, MONO, Leclanche 1009, SUM1, BA3030/U

Key Features:

Stable and Long-Lasting Power: With a voltage of 1.5V, Camelion D Alkaline Plus batteries provide the consistent power required by high drain devices, ensuring they operate smoothly.

Optimized for High Drain Devices: These batteries are tailored to support devices like CD players, toys, PDAs, and electronic gaming devices, meeting their power demands effectively.

Standard Size: With dimensions of 1.346 inches in diameter and 2.421 inches in height, Camelion D Alkaline Plus batteries are designed to fit seamlessly into your devices.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: LR20
  • Size: D
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Diameter: 1.346 inches
  • Height: 2.421 inches
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Manufactured by: Camelion Battery

Empower your high drain devices with Camelion D Alkaline Plus batteries. Trust in the quality, reliability, and long-lasting performance that Camelion provides. Make the smart choice for your devices and ensure they continue running smoothly with Camelion!

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