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Camelion C327P Cordless Phone Battery

Camelion C327P Cordless Phone Battery

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Introducing the Camelion C327P Cordless Phone Battery – your power solution for various cordless phone models. This battery has a capacity of 800mAh and operates at a voltage of 3.6V. It's equipped with a Mitsumi M63M83-2P connector. It's a versatile replacement for various brands and models, including Philips, Radio Shack, AT&T/Lucent, Bell Phone, Casio, Cobra, General Electric, Lucent, Memorex, Muraphone, Nomad, Northwestern Bell, and Panasonic. Stay connected with confidence.

Replaces: Philips SJB1142, Radio Shack 23-895, AT&T/ Lucent 24032X, 4126, Bell Phone 31001, 32001, 32011, Casio/ Phonemate CP1218, Cobra 213021N001, CP1155, CP2055A, CP2058A, CP310, CP310S, CP320, CP320S, CP355, CP355S, CP9105, CP9125, CP9135, CPSA, General Electric 100935, 26936GE2, 29445, 59519, BT15, Lucent 24032X, 4126, Memorex YBT3N800MAH, Muraphone KCTC917HSB, KX165, KX166, KXA36, KXFPC135, KXFPC141, KXFPC161, KXFPC91, KXFPC95, KXFPC96, KXT3285, KXT3380, KXT3815, KXT800, Nomad 24032X, 4126, Northwestern Bell 255     32001, 32011, 32500, 4200


  • Model: C327P
  • Battery Type: 3NC-AA800BMS
  • Capacity: 800mAh
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Connector: Mitsumi M63M83-2P
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