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Camelion C106 Cordless Phone Battery

Camelion C106 Cordless Phone Battery

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The Camelion C106 Cordless Phone Battery is your dependable power source for maintaining uninterrupted communication on cordless phones. With a capacity of 700mAh and operating at a voltage of 2.4V, this rechargeable battery ensures reliable and long-lasting performance. It features a JST EHR-2P connector and is compatible with various cordless phone models, including D2280-3, D3280, DECT3080, DECT4086, and more.

Replaces: D2280-3, D3280, D3280-2, D3280-3, D3288, D3288-2, D3288-3, DECT3080, DECT3080-2, DECT3080-3, DECT3080-4, DECT3080-5, DECT3080-6, DECT3181-2, DECT3380-3R, DECT3380-4R, DECT3380-5R, DECT3380-6R, DECT4066, DECT4066-2, DECT 4066-3, DECT4066-4, DECT4066-5, DECT4066-6, DECT4086, DECT4086-2, DECT 4086-3, DECT4086-4, DECT4086-5, DECT4086-6, DECT4096, DECT4096-2, DECT 4096-3, DECT4096-4, DECT4096-5, DECT4096-6, DCX220, DCX300, DCX320, DCX330, DCX400, DRX332, DRX402, DWX337, WXI3077, WXI3077-2, WXI3077-3, WXI3077-4, WXI3077-5, WXI3077-6


  • Model: C106
  • Configuration: 2NH-AAA700BMJ
  • Capacity: 700mAh
  • Voltage: 2.4V
  • Connector: JST EHR-2P
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