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Camelion C092 Cordless Phone Battery

Camelion C092 Cordless Phone Battery

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The Camelion C092 Cordless Phone Battery is the perfect solution to ensure your cordless phone stays connected and ready for every call. This high-quality rechargeable battery comes with a capacity of 730mAh and operates at a voltage of 2.4V, offering dependable power for uninterrupted conversations. With the Mitsumi connector, it's compatible with various phone models, making it a versatile choice for replacements.

Replaces: Uniden BT-705 BT-1008, BT-1016, BT1019, BT-1021, BT-1025, RadioShack 23-596, 23-931, 23-1190, 23-1223, 23-1652, 23-1740, 23-1744, 23-2356, 23-2360, 2302374


  • Model: C092P
  • Configuration: 3NH-AAA730
  • Capacity: 730mAh
  • Voltage: 2.4V
  • Connector: Mitsumi
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