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Flipo 5-In-1 Emergency Car Tool with Portable Power Bank

Flipo 5-In-1 Emergency Car Tool with Portable Power Bank

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Flipo's 5-in-1 Emergency Car Tool is the ultimate all-in-one solution for your automotive needs. This versatile tool is designed to provide you with peace of mind and essential functionality during unexpected situations on the road. Here's what it brings to the table:

Key Features:

  • LED Flashlight: Illuminate your surroundings with a powerful LED flashlight.
  • Red Flashing Warning Signal: Attract attention and signal for help with the red S.O.S. light.
  • Emergency Seatbelt Cutter: Quickly and safely free yourself or others in case of entrapment.
  • Emergency Glass Breaker: Break free from a vehicle in emergencies with the glass breaker.
  • Integrated Rechargeable Power Bank: Stay connected with a 2,200 mAh power bank, ensuring your mobile devices are powered when you need them.
  • Mini USB Cable Included: Conveniently charge your mobile devices on the go.

Don't leave home without the Flipo 5-In-1 Emergency Car Tool. It's the ultimate companion that provides essential safety and convenience during your journeys, making it an invaluable addition to your vehicle. Be prepared for any situation on the road with this all-in-one solution.

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