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Bright Way Group

Bright Way BW12100 12v 10Ah F2 Terminal AGM Rechargeable Battery

Bright Way BW12100 12v 10Ah F2 Terminal AGM Rechargeable Battery

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The Bright Way BW12100 is a 12V, 10AH sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery. It is an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery, which means it uses a fiberglass mat to absorb and contain the electrolyte.

Here are the key specifications:

Brand: Bright Way Group

Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 10AH

Terminal: F2

Color: Black

Type: AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)

Chemistry: SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)


  • Height: 4.4 inches
  • Width: 2.56 inches
  • Length: 5.9 inches

Please note that the listing is for the battery only, and it does not include wire harness or mounting accessories. This type of battery has a wide range of applications, including use in consumer electronics, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), electric vehicles, engine starters, golf carts, hunting equipment, lawn and garden tools, medical mobility devices, motorcycles, mower sports equipment, portable tools, solar-powered devices, toys, access control devices, emergency lighting, and security systems.

It's also mentioned that the battery manufacturer on the delivered battery may be different from the one listed above. This is common in the battery industry, where various manufacturers produce batteries with similar specifications and capabilities.

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